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The Blue World Web Museum has been opened by The Kelton Foundation, announced Richard Kelton, President of the Foundation. This virtual museum is dedicated to providing support for maritime museums and the exchange of information for those interested in all matters relating to humankind and the sea. The Blue World Web Museum’s first major exhibition is What’s In a Maritime Painting?

The exhibition’s purpose is to enrich viewer’s encounters with maritime paintings whether visiting museums, considering purchases or studying images. Using 73 paintings from the Foundation’s collection, the exhibit analyzes aspects of the paintings dealing with Aesthetics (color, composition, light, medium, schools, stylistic details), History (connected people, creation purpose, flag information, historical moment, location, vessel identity) and Technology (crew activity, hull, point of sail, vessel function, rig, weather).

The exhibit is supported by educational materials for student studies in schools and museums including quizzes and projects relating to the exhibit in the fields of Science, Mathematics, Geography and Language.

The site’s search feature will support visits for research purposes. The site includes postings and descriptions of over 340 images from the Foundation’s collection of maritime models and paintings and information about their artists, all of which can be accessed with the site’s search feature.

The site will encourage the exchange of information within the community of people and institutions interested in maritime matters. The site includes a Calendar of Events in the field of maritime art, which is open to postings by non-profit organizations, an open discussion Forum, a list of written reference materials and links to sites relating to the Foundation’s activities. The Foundation welcomes others to provide a link to its site.

The Blue World Web Museum’s Mission is to (a) provide a virtual museum educational experience in the fields of maritime art and related activities, (b) fully utilize the World Wide Web’s unique characteristics and potential to provide a center for the exchange of information about maritime art and related matters and (c) inspire and stimulate public interest in maritime museums.

The Blue World Web Museum’s goal is to mount exhibitions only on subjects unavailable on the web, unless we can significantly enhance or elaborate on the educational experience provided on any existing site. Our objective is to build exhibits that utilize the web's potential for interaction with people, objects and ideas. We also provide links and descriptions of other notable web sites, exhibitions and educational materials that relate to our presentations and areas of interest and a forum for the exchange of information on maritime related matters.

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