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The Kelton Foundation
The Kelton Foundation was founded in 1983 as a private non-profit [501(c)(3)] charitable organization. The foundation’s primary activities involve ethnographic, scientific and artistic investigations of humankind and the sea. 

Since its inception The Kelton Foundation has sponsored over 23 expeditions to remote places in the world in support of scientific research and exploration.  In addition, The Kelton Foundation promotes the stewardship, enhancement and understanding of art, maritime history and man’s relationship with the sea through its collections of maritime art, navigational instruments, China Trade art and objects, Pacific ethnographic materials, Australian Aboriginal art and other fine and ethnographic art related to these fields.

The foundation uses its collections to mount exhibits, lend its objects and art to other institutions and assist scholars in research regarding topics pertinent to its collections.

The material in and the entire physical exhibition is available for loan to responsible institutions on application to The Kelton Foundation.


Blue World Web Museum Creative Team

The Blue World Web Museum and its initial exhibition, “What’s In a Maritime Painting” are funded by The Kelton Foundation.

Listed in alphabetical order below are the names of the individuals who assisted in creating this site.

  • Marcus De Chevrieux - Senior Curator, The Kelton Foundation
  • Nicolas Giszpenc -
  • Andrew Hall - Web Development, The PAST Foundation
  • Richard Kelton - President, The Kelton Foundation
  • Rory Matthews - Exhibit Designer,
  • Sheli O. Smith, PhD - Director of Operations, The PAST Foundation

The following provided photographic assistance:

  • Chris Bliss - Christopher Bliss Photography
  • Howard Brainen - Two Cat Digital (scans)
  • "Q" Siebenthal - American Photo Reproduction Corp.

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation for the wise counsel and generous advice provided by Mr. Nik Honeysett of the J. Paul Getty Trust.

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