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Sites for the study of maritime art
The Maritime section of Artcyclopedia offers lists of artists specializing in Maritime Scenes and an index to where their art can be viewed at art museums worldwide.  
American Society of Marine Artists
A web site featuring information on exhibitions and works by contemporary marine artists along with technical help on subjects such as materials, mediums, techniques, and methods of painting.
General art sites
Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery
George Washington: A National Treasure is a virtual exploration of the famous Lansdowne portrait of our first president. It is an excellent example of the richness of detailed examination possible with respect to works of art. The site allows you to to explore the portrait by Gilbert Stuart in detail, from three very different vantage points: the symbolic, the biographic, and the artistic.
The Getty Museum
The Elements of Art systematically discusses composition, line, shape and form, space, color and texture in artworks providing examples from their collection.
The Getty Museum Grade by Grade guide to Visual Arts
This link provides the Getty Museum’s excellent teacher’s guides for building effective visual arts lessons based on child development theory.
Maritime research: General
Smith’s Master Index of Maritime Museum Websites
If you desire to visit a maritime museum in your area, this comprehensive website contains links to maritime museums world wide. The interactive map makes it easy to locate each museum geographically.
Flags of the World
This is the internet’s largest site dedicated to vexillology (the study of flags) with over 28,000 pages and 58,000 images of flags of all types, including naval ensigns, merchant house flags, royal standards and pennants useful in maritime research.
This link will take you to the web page. This reference tool is a combination encyclopedia and dictionary. Most maritime terms or subjects can be typed into its search window and a dictionary definition and encyclopedia entry will be provided for that entry.
Maritime research: Details of known vessels
Maritime History Virtual Archives
This site provides a searchable ship list primarily of vessels from the second half of the nineteenth century. It includes a comprehensive list of all four and five-masted ships and barques as well as American and British clippers, schooners and school ships.
A search tool that tells you which books, magazines, and online resources mention the vessels you're researching. With 142,808 entries in the free database and 1,350,131 entries available with premium (subscription) access, you're bound to find useful information.  
Maritime research: Location of events
David Rumsey Map Collection
The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection has over 12,600 maps online. The collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century North and South American maps, historic maps of the World, Europe, Asia and Africa. The search feature provides category access to antique atlas, globe, school geography, maritime chart, state, county, city, pocket, wall, children’s and manuscript maps.
U.S. Library of Congress, Panoramic Map Collection
This site provides the U.S. collection of antique panoramic maps, primarily of American locations. The collection may be searched by location, subject, creator or title and zoom capability is included for more detailed study.
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