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Most western style ship portraits and harbor views created by 19th century Chinese artists for export to foreign markets are unsigned. Identifying individual China Trade artists with specific paintings is made more difficult by the fact that many examples were produced by studios of artists with several different craftsmen working on the same painting. 

American Clipper Bostonian at Hong KongAn Outward Bound East Indiaman off the DownsArmed Schooner Frolic Approaching Hong Kong 1855

Bark Alcyone Departing Hong KongBark Gerard C. TobeyBrigantine Admiral of San Francisco

Chinese Birdseye View Map of MacaoChinese View of the Battle of Manila Bay, May 1898Clipper Hull Steam-sail in China, c.1860

Clipper Ship Samuel RussellEarly View of WhampoaEnglish Ship at the Boca Tigris, c.1850

Hong Kong Towards East PointIron Steamship Batavia off the China CoastMacao’s Inner Harbor

MacauMedium Clipper Joseph Peabody off Hong KongPacket Vancouver off Hong Kong, c.1850

Portuguese View of WhampoaRhun Island (Pulu Run)Singapore, 1850

Six China Trade Miniature Views; Canton, Macao, Capetown, Malacca, St. Helena and PenangSteamship City of LondonSteamship City of Tokio

The Bark Navesink off Hong KongThe Bund at ShanghaiThe Great Canton Fire, November 1882

Thermopylae in Chinese WatersU.S.S. Tennessee (ex-Madawasca) in Chinese WatersU.S.S. Wilmington (PG-8) Near Capsizing, Dec. 20, 1915

View of Macau from the SouthView of Pagoda Island at FoochowWestern Hongs at Canton

Whampoa Reach
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