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Unknown Artist 
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Many skilled marine painters did not sign their works, making identification and biographical reseach difficult if not impossible. To date, no information on the creator of this work has been documented. 

A British East Indiaman

American Ship Richmond

British Man-of-War

Builder's Half Model of Valkyrie II

Captain Joseph Gray Russell

Dutch Flutes Whaling in Northern Waters

Early American Half-Hull Lift-Model

East Indiaman Farquharson

Four Masted Iron Barque Gleneright

George Woolsey Aspinwall

Half-Model of the Oyster Schooner Louisa Morrison

Hawk's Nest Model of a Packet Ship

Hull Model of China Packet Cohota

Panoramic Photo of sister Steamships Yale & Harvard in Los Angeles Harbor, 1910

Portrait of an American Sea Captain

Presentation Half-Model of the Schooner America

Presentation Snuff Box from Clipper ship Lightning

Sailor's Woolwork of H.M.S. Rifleman

Seven Masted Schooner Thomas W. Lawson

Ship's Figurehead of Demeter (Grain Goddess)

Steam-sailer H.M.S. Cossack

The Oporto Packet

Topsail Ketch Minnie Flossie of Bideford

Wooden Shipbuilder's Half-Block Lift Model (1830 c.)
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