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Fritz Siegfried Georg Melbye (1826-1896)
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Fritz Melbye was a Danish marine artist who was the brother of Anton and Wilhelm Melbye, who were also marine artists. He visited, the Americas in the late 1840s and traveled to Venezuela in 1850. He was introduced to Camille Pissarro in St. Thomas in the spring of 1851, and the two worked tdgether for the f'ollowing three years, touring Venezuela together from late 1852 until Augus't 1854. Melbye returned to Europe in 1856, but continued to travel during the l860s, notably Jamaica with Frederic Church in 1865. He exhibited Venezuelan subjects in the United States through the mid-1860s. His studio, left with Church in New York when he set out for China in the late 1860s, now constitutes part of the Church collection at the Olana Museum, along with works by Pissarro dating from the St. Thomas and Venezuelan years. I 

Venezuelan Coastal Landscape
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