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S.D. Skillett (1816-1866)
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Stephen Dadd Skillet exhibited at the major London Academies beginning in 1845 (when he was only 29) and continuing through 1856. Of the total of 18 'sea pieces' he exhibited, 8 were displayed at the Royal Academy. In recent years, over 30 other works have been traced, mostly of named vessels.According to his death certificate, Skillett died after a seven months illness, at Walthamstow, Essex, on 6 April 1866, aged 44 - 'occupation, Artist'. That he was married is evident from his Will, naming his widow Mary Ann Skillett as sole executrix. Whether they had children is not known. Unusually for a relatively little known painter of ships, he regularly exhibited at the major London Academies. On account of his unusual middle name, the question has been raised of a possible distant relationship with the artist, Richard ('Mad') Dadd 1817-1886. (This biographical information has been generously provided by Dr. A.S. Davidson) 

The Bark Claymore of Leith off Bass Rock
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